Solar Solutions

  • Solar On-Grind Systems
  • OFF-Grid Solar Systems
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Solar Powered Security Camera System

In On-Grid solar systems the Solar power generated is connected to the utility Grid. The electricity produced by the system is routed to the grid from where it is used to run the various appliances. On Grid solar systems are widely used systems for Homes, Villas and Business requirements. These systems do not need batteries and use common solar inverters and are connected to the public electricity grid. Any excess solar power generated is exported to the electricity grid and credits paid for the energy exported.

On-Grid Solar systems are more unlikely to use during blackouts due to safety reasons. Batteries can be added to on-grid systems at a later stage if required. Most hybrid solar systems with battery storage are able to automatically isolate from the grid and continue to supply power during blackout.


An off-grid system is a system that is not connected to the main power grid and therefore be able to supply energy independently all times. Our Industrial Solar Off-Grid Systems are custom built, standalone systems for the supply of industrial energy to consumers that are not connected to a power grid or the grid-connected power is not stable. They require low maintenance and are the most economical solution in hard-to-reach areas.

The system consists of solar modules, controllers, inverters, battery packs, and rack systems. The electrical energy generated by the PV system can be used during the day or stored in a battery pack for providing electricity at night or during cloudy or rainy weather. Other energy sources, like diesel generators and/or batteries can be integrated into the system to ensure reliable power supply even for long autonomous periods without sunlight. Typical applications include RTU system, telecommunication towers, systems for traffic control, environmental data measurement system and other remote installed applications.

With Strong a manifest to light up the universe with green energy solutions, all our range of applications and products are committed to providing high quality illumination with low-environmental impact. Our range of products include solar powered streetlights, outdoor garden lights and Solar LED outdoor light. We at Al Nakhi Power pledges to be one-stop-solution for all your solar needs.

In Telecom industry the operators are continuously expanding their networks to ensure that their customers are getting good coverage. Many a time such towers are installed in remote areas where grid power is not easily available, and the operators have to rely on fossil fuel diesel generators. Usage of such generators are highly expensive due to its locations, logistics, etc. It operating cost is also increasing due to rising fuel costs, fuel theft, and maintenance requirements.

Using alternative energy sources for remote telecom installations such as Solar energy would be an ideal choice for such sites that do not have access to an electrical grid of if the electricity supply is unreliable. We can provide a complete PV power solution or a PV and Hybrid (PV+ Secondary Energy Source) power solution.

Our Solar pumps provides you eco-friendly solutions for your irrigation needs. We have different types of solar pump models to suit your desired solar pump, machine power, length of use, solar panel power, voltage, the volume of water discharged, and other specific requirements.

Each solar pump is composed of solar panel array, sealed controllers, and a DC deep well pump that comes with free accessories like the stainless-steel screw, cable connector, water level sensor, or cable for the solar panel. Moreover, the outlet, pump body, motor body, screws and nuts are made of quality stainless steel for a heavy duty and long-lasting performance.

Our Solar Thermal Water Heaters are ideal for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. The system comprises of a solar thermal collector, heat exchanger, storage tank and a control unit. If required protection for overheating and freezing can be incorporated in the system design. solution.

Our CCTV Series systems are designed powering security cameras and require no electric sources or cablings. Solar powered security cameras use solar panels to harness the sunlight and convert that sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter then transitions the direct current to an alternating current (AC), which can then be used to power the security Cameras.

Our CCTV Series systems are designed powering security cameras and require no electric sources or cablings. By utilizing the solar power, you can get the best from natural resources to charge and run the solar powered security cameras systems without any electricity consumption charges. One of the top benefits in having a solar powered camera is in the ease of installation and no constraints power availability, cable routing for the camera location. In rainy or foggy days, the solar powered camera can still work as normal although sufficient sunlight is absolutely the best condition for the camera performance.

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